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Part Ideology - Part Methodology.

Continuous Improvement is part mindset and part approach.  It begins with a willingness to accept a new way of how you run your business.  Not unlike accepting the challenge of being able to run a marathon or attain a degree as a doctor, we must first embrace the challenge, head-on.  Passion, drive and ambition are key ingredients toward great success.  Beyond that is the approach.  We don't decide one day that we are going to run a marathon and try to run 26 miles.  We instead adopt an approach toward achieving that goal.  We utilize methods and techniques that will help us each step along the way.  We will likely need a blueprint of how to get to the finish line that will include improvements in our diet, hydration approaches, strength training program and number of miles run per week, biking and perhaps swimming.  We may even embrace meditation or quiet time thinking to augment our focus.  Thus some of our effort is physical while other parts of our success formula may be mental.  All toward helping us "break the tape" at the finish line!

Continuous Improvement is very much like running a marathon.  We will have some stumbles along the way, but we will stay the course.  We will learn new methods of how we will run our business, some mental and some physical.  We will use data to help us make informed decisions and will allow other inputs to enter the spectrum of our existence.  These many forces, all combined, move our business success needle forward, improving our cash flow, profitability, overall satisfaction for our Customers, Employees and Ourselves.

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