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David J. DiPerri  CPA

David has enjoyed a wide array of experiences in his business career.  His quest for understanding not necessarily what the numbers were, but  "why the numbers looked this way" was the initial catalyst of his life-long affinity to the principles and potential of Continuous Improvement.

As a young manager leading a new high-tech startup division he was afforded an opportunity to attend a high powered management training seminar on Continuous Improvement.  Delivered by Bill Conway, a descendant of Dr. W.E. Deming,  it was the quintessential "ahhh ha" moment of his business career.   It connected the dots of how businesses could dramatically improve by utilizing data, technology, innovations and most importantly the contributions of people.

In David's career, he has played roles such as CFO, Director of Finance, Controller, Manufacturing Manager and his most enjoyable position, Director of Innovation.  In this role, armed with the IT Department as part of his team, he was able to directly apply the principals of Continuous Improvement, company-wide.

Today, after a career that includes Business Broker, Business Coach/Advisor, Volunteer and owner of a "super fun" hobby business, Hot Digity Dog, David helps small business owners with their overall strategy and business value improvement initiatives, including exit strategy engagements. 


David's core values are:

  1. Ongoing personal & professional growth

  2. Helping others succeed first

  3. Giving before getting

  4. Being an alliance partner for his clients

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